Respected, Respectful, and Professional Leadership

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about your candidates.

My resume is posted on this website which details my career in public service.

Who am I?

I retired after 8 years as the City Manager of Springfield, near Battle Creek, almost 5 years ago. I ran for Trustee of Comstock 4 years ago. Although I was not elected I then served the Township on the Board of Review for the last two years.

My wife and I have lived in Comstock 21 years. We have been married for 46 years. Our son also lives in Comstock with his family. Our two daughters live out of state. We have 14 grandchildren.

We attend Berean Baptist Church in Portage.

Why run again?

The current Township Supervisor, who has done a fine job, is retiring. There is a significant need for my experience as we elect a new Supervisor. Although qualified I am not interested in the Supervisorís position since it is a full time job.

I believe my experience in working with the state, cooperating with other jurisdictions, and my education makes me a valuable asset to the community.

My politics

I am running as a Republican. At the Township level of government party affiliation does not make any difference.

My Philosophy

I have been successful at problem solving and getting things accomplished. My goal is to provide professional, respectful, leadership to the residents. Therefore, ethics, kindness and expemplary service are required. A united professional board will attract business, encourage the growth of current businesses and provide a solid base for the future.

Trustee Requirements

The Core competencies, (fancy words for the main job requirements and expectations), for the Trustee position are listed on the Michigan Townships Association website. I am confident that my experience qualifies me to hold this position. Please follow the link for these requirements.

Ask around

There is a good chance one of your neighbors knows me well enough to recommend me